Application deadline: January 19, 2017

Public executives are under increased pressure to produce results — and to produce them now. Indeed, in every public agency, the leadership team faces the challenge of ratcheting up performance in a way that produces real results that citizens value — and that generates the resources and flexibility needed to do even better in the future.

But what results? Given the multiplicity of their responsibilities, what specific results should the leadership team attempt to improve first? What exactly would it mean to improve performance? How will everyone in the organization — including front-line employees — know when they have, indeed, ratcheted their performance up a significant notch? How will legislators know? How will citizens know?

And what works? Given limited resources and flexibility, how can public executives achieve such improvements? What approaches will prove effective in what circumstances? How can public executives measure performance in a way that motivates both employees and collaborators? How can public executives adapt strategies that have been successfully employed in other circumstances to produce meaningful results in their own, unique organizations?

Driving Government Performance introduces the participants to a variety of proven strategies that have helped a diversity of public executives in a diversity of circumstances produce significant results. This Executive Education program clarifies the leadership principles that undergird these strategies and provides the participants with the opportunity to learn how they can adapt these principles to improve performance in their own organizations.

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