Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF) Boston is excited to host our November Drink & Think on Thursday, 29 November at 6:00 PM at Kessel Run. Our goal is to connect community members in the area and share what the virtuous insurgency is all about. Ryan Fitzgerald is going to talk about her experience participating in the MD5 Startup Innovation Fellowship - the theme she's focused on will be "The Challenges of Defense Startups from a Government Perspective". This will include a comparison of cultures, challenges and how they stack up against her experiences in the Navy.

Come a host of other people that care about national security innovation to talk about ongoing projects and upcoming events (perhaps brainstorm all the reasons why DEF2019 should be here in Boston). We'd love to hear about some of youre awesome ideas for what DEF can tackle in the upcoming year! 

The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum is a non-profit network of problem solvers in the military, government and private sector that work together to increase innovation and support disruptive thinkers in the national security space. The mission of DEF is "Inspire - Connect - Empower" and involves not only monthly gatherings around the world, but periodic DEFx events, an annual conference, and ongoing collaboration via Slack, Facebook and LinkedIn. DEF communities usually meet once a month to hear innovative leaders, entrepreneurs and authors share their stories and to get new ideas flowing in a casual environment (where uniforms and rank are left at the door).

If you are a military member, work in government, are an entrepreneur focused on national security, or find the idea of helping solve tough problems enticing, then the DEF's monthly Drink & Thinks are great ways to learn more.


Why should I register if this is a free event? Taking the couple minutes it takes to register helps the local DEF team to better prepare the planned space and coordinate with the restaurant for everyone who plans on attending. Thanks in advance!

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? Parking is available in the broader area and the venue is a decent rideshare away from most places.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Feel free to message DEF any questions you may have on Facebook in advance, or shoot us an email. We don't like spam, but are interested in just about anything else that falls into DEF lanes, so, when in doubt, reach out! We are, after all, about connecting people.

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