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"Expanding Horizons" report on the NWLLC.


In October 2014, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell told an overflow crowd at the National Workshop on Large Landscape Conservation (NWLLC) in Washington, DC: "This room is bursting with vision. You will be pioneers of landscape-level understanding, as Teddy Roosevelt was of conservation a century ago. Let's make it happen!"

Boasting over 700 participants hailing from all over the United States, the conference brought together leaders in large landscape conservation to highlight conservation innovations and landscape-scale solutions across public, private, and nonprofit sectors — from our urban centers to our wildest places. In addition to some two dozen plenary speakers, more than 170 presenters in concurrent sessions brought light and energy to a new era in conservation innovation.

We invite you to join Shawn Johnson and Brent Mitchell, key members of the team that brought the NWLLC to life, to consider the lessons taught and learned at the conference, and what we need to do capitalize on the evident enthusiasm in the room to "make it happen."


Brent Mitchell, Quebec Labrador Foundation

Brent is Vice President, Stewardship, and has worked with the Quebec Labrador Foundation for over 20 years.

Prior to joining the staff of QLF, Brent lived and worked in five countries of the Caribbean and Latin America where he focused on the onsite development of the first two natural national parks in Haiti, the gazetting (designation) of terrestrial and marine reserves in the Turks and Caicos Islands, and field research in wildlife ecology in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. He worked as a field biologist for America's oldest land trust, The Trustees of Reservations, before joining QLF in 1987 to promote land trusts in eastern Canada. As a member of IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas, he is also leading an initiative on privately protected areas and recently helped develop a global assessment of PPAs. He works with public land management agencies in all three countries of North America — particularly the Stewardship Institute of the US National Park Service — and is past president of The George Wright Society. Brent was instrumental in the creation of the NWLLC Expanding Horizons report, in partnership with the National Park Service.

Shawn Johnson, Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy, University of Montana

Shawn is a Senior Associate at the Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy at the University of Montana. For the past eight years, he has helped advance a joint effort between the Center and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy on regional collaboration and large landscape conservation. In May 2011, Shawn helped organize and convene a group of large landscape conservation practitioners that led to a new network of practitioners throughout North America who are working to improve community and conservation outcomes at the large landscape scale — the Practitioners Network For Large Landscape Conservation. Shawn was also an essential member of the Steering Committee for the NWLLC in 2014. Prior to his work at the Center, Shawn earned a master's degree in Public Affairs from Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School and spent three years as a legislative aide to US Senator Max Baucus.

James Levitt (moderator). Jim is director of the Program on Conservation Innovation at the Harvard Forest, Harvard University, and fellow in the Department of Planning and Urban Form at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. He is also a research fellow at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School.

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