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This Webinar was the next in a series hosted by the Conservation Finance Forum (with assistance from the Government Innovators Network), highlighting several topics of keen interest to the U.S. and international conservation communities.

This event focused on cross-cutting conservation -- that is, strategies that cut across parcel, jurisdictional and even national borders to achieve conservation objectives related to biodiversity, ecosystem services, the sustainable production of commodities, and amenities valued by a wide variety of citizens. The two presenters discussed what is involved in successfully completing large and small scale conservation projects, and the advantages and disadvantages of cross-boundary conservation of all sizes.

Matt Zieper, who has headed the Conservation Finance Program at the Trust for Public Land for over a decade, focused his remarks on the locally-scaled conservation achievements of the Massachusetts Community Preservation Act. Mat Jacobson, who manages the International Boreal Conservation Campaign for the Pew Charitable Trusts, considered recent progress in conserving Canadian landscape that spans millions of acres.


Conservation Finance Forum - a collaborative initiative which aims to bring together information resources and a community of practice around the topic of conservation finance.

Center for Conservation Finance at The Trust for Public Land

International Boreal Conservation Campaign

Levitt, James N, Ed. (2010). Conservation Capital in the Americas: Exemplary Conservation Finance Initiatives. Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

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