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This Webinar was the next in a series hosted by the Conservation Finance Forum, part of the Program on Conservation Innovation at Harvard Forest, with assistance from the Government Innovators Network. This Webinar series highlights several topics of keen interest to the U.S. and international conservation communities.

Leigh Youngblood, an expert on aggregation, and Bob Bendick, who has recently co-authored a landmark report on mitigation, discussed mitigation and aggregation as rapidly evolving methods for financing the conservation of land and biodiversity habitat. Both strategies were also considered in a presentation by a team from the Harvard Forest on the Wildlands and Woodlands Vision for New England on October 3 at the 2010 Land Trust Rally.


Conservation Finance Forum - a collaborative initiative which aims to bring together information resources and a community of practice around the topic of conservation finance.

Center for Conservation Finance at The Trust for Public Land

North Quabbin Regional landscape Partnership

MA-NH Quabbin to Cardigan Collaboration

W&W Aggregation and Commission on Financing Forest Conservation

Tully Initiative

Forest Legacy (Do a site search for landscape scale conservation.)


Jessica B. Wilkinson, James M. McElfish, Jr., Rebecca Kihslinger, Robert Bendick and Bruce A. McKenney. (2009). The Next Generation of Mitigation: Linking Current and Future Mitigation Programs with State Wildlife Action Plans and Other State and Regional Plans.

Forest Stewardship by Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust: Case Studies and Lessons (an 18-page booklet)

Golodetz, Alisa; Foster, David. (1997). "History and Importance of Land Use and Protection in the North Quabbin Region of Massachusetts." Conservation Biology, 11(1).

Levitt, James N, Ed. (2010). Conservation Capital in the Americas: Exemplary Conservation Finance Initiatives. Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

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