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Report on iZone from Center on Reinventing Public Education: (PDF)

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This Webinar explores iZone, an initiative of New York City’s Department of Education. iZone consists of a unique community of innovative schools committed to personalizing learning. Through the use of real-time information, community and corporate partnerships, digital media, and clustering of innovative schools, iZone is creating and growing pockets of progress. What lessons are NYC schools learning about the process of education innovation? How are these lessons captured and shared with others?


Moderator: Elizabeth City, Lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Executive Director of its new three-year, practice-based doctoral program to prepare students to be leaders in education reform

The Power of Social Innovation Series features practitioner-led webinars on timely topics from education reform to economic development. Innovators share their experiences and insights with fellow practitioners, students and scholars from across the country.