2017 Bright Idea
County of Orange, FL
January 1, 2017

Orange County Government's digital communications plan, new online Newsroom Media Center, and companion OCFL News app improved news and information distribution to its 1.25 million citizens. Weekly editorial calendars are shared to coordinate traditional media and digital efforts, including news articles, media alerts, photos, videos and graphics for a unique, interesting and engaging Newsroom Media Center.

Public Information Officers were also tasked with distributing approved Newsroom articles to community newspapers with relevant audiences as well as sharing articles on social media, capturing constituents who otherwise would not have known about the OCFL Newsroom. Those same stories were also repurposed and presented as short video recaps titled OCFL Updates, which garnered thousands of views via YouTube. Efforts propelled Newsroom traffic to 710,000 page views – a 575 percent in 2015 – and increased social media engagement by nearly 695 percent.

This foundation helped Orange County Government share information with the community following the Pulse Nightclub tragedy on June 12, 2016, and again in early October 2016 when Category 3 Hurricane Matthew impacted Central Florida. The transformation improvements, which facilitated visits to the Pulse and Hurricane Matthew Newsroom update webpages, catapulted the Newsroom Media Center to receiving more than 1 million page views and the County’s overall website had 60 million page views in 2016.