2015 Top 25
US Agency for International Development
Innovations in American Government Awards

Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) at USAID is an open competition that finds, tests, and scales breakthrough solutions to the world's most intractable development challenges. DIV's model begins by seeking innovative ideas from anyone, anywhere. It then tests the most promising ideas to gather evidence of their impacts and cost-effectiveness relative to traditional approaches, and helps scale those solutions that are proven successful to sustainably reach millions of people without long-term DIV support. Across its portfolio, DIV has invested in over 100 innovations in 8 sectors and 35 countries. These investments are carefully selected from the over 6,000 applications submitted to DIV since its inception, demonstrating the incredible potential of—and demand from—external actors to work with USAID in new ways. Winners range from a Ugandan accountant-turned-entrepreneur whose company converts excess crop waste to clean cooking fuel to a cutting-edge NGO in India using fingerprint technology to track, treat, and prevent the spread of tuberculosis.