Authors: Jane Fountain
August 27, 2002
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
More than 30 experts gathered at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge for a national workshop to aid in the development of a broadly-based, multidisciplinary research agenda for digital government. Its specific focus lies at the intersection of information technology, organizations, and governance. A second benefit of the research agenda is the extension and refinement of theoretical frameworks in the social and applied social sciences which would allow researchers more powerfully to examine the socioeconomic implications of developments in IT. Thus, the research agenda would advance social science disciplines and fields as well as digital government research and practice. A third broad objective of the research agenda is to strengthen the emergent network of scholars, government decision makers, and institutions required to sustain and support research and improved practice in digital government. Entrepreneurial scholars have conducted most digital government research to date. These researchers, from several disciplines and fields, have worked in relative isolation from one another with little institutional support from professional associations, university programs, and the complex web of people and organizations that constitutes the academy.
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