This free, online event was held on March 18, 2015, and was convened by the Ash Center's Government Innovators Network and the Conservation Innovation Forum. Please visit the event page to access the slide presentations and resources associated with this webinar.

Event description: In October 2014, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell told an overflow crowd at the National Workshop on Large Landscape Conservation (NWLLC) in Washington, DC: "This room is bursting with vision. You will be pioneers of landscape-level understanding, as Teddy Roosevelt was of conservation a century ago. Let's make it happen!"

Boasting over 700 participants hailing from all over the United States, the conference brought together leaders in large landscape conservation to highlight conservation innovations and landscape-scale solutions across public, private, and nonprofit sectors — from our urban centers to our wildest places. In addition to some two dozen plenary speakers, more than 170 presenters in concurrent sessions brought light and energy to a new era in conservation innovation.

We invite you to join Shawn Johnson and Brent Mitchell, key members of the team that brought the NWLLC to life, to consider the lessons taught and learned at the conference, and what we need to do capitalize on the evident enthusiasm in the room to "make it happen." This event was moderated by James Levitt, director of the Program on Conservation Innovation at the Harvard Forest, Harvard University, and fellow in the Department of Planning and Urban Form at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.