This free, online event was held on December 8, 2011, and was convened by the Ash Center's Government Innovators Network. Please visit the event page to access the slide presentations and resources associated with this webinar.

Event description: This webinar featured two remarkable conservationists who have spearheaded multiyear efforts to bring highly degraded North American rivers back to life Bob Zimmerman of the Charles River Watershed Association and Francisco Zamora of the Sonoran Institute.

Zimmerman discussed how the Charles River Watershed Association helped revitalize Boston's landmark river, winner of the 2011 International Riverprize.

Zamora examined ongoing, outstanding efforts to restore water, wildlife and a vibrant multicultural community to the Colorado River Delta region that spans the U.S.-Mexico border.

This webinar was moderated by Jim Levitt and was cosponsored by the Conservation Innovation Forum.