State of Connecticut
January 1, 2017

The Connecticut eRegulations System is an efficiently designed end-to-end electronic workflow for drafting, reviewing, and publishing agency regulations and tracking regulation-making activity. The system has increased efficiency by successfully implementing standardized drafting and editing processes, automation of approval workflows, document management, publication, and archiving for end-to-end regulation management by augmenting existing state technology and requiring minimal additional staff. At the same time, it facilitates government transparency with access to a free, online, updated version of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, permanent and real-time access to all agency regulation-making records, user-friendly search and browse, and citizen engagement tools like regulation tracking and online comment submission. Its basic architecture provides a template for consolidating management of the creation and publication of government laws and regulations which could be tailored to a wide range of varying state, legislative, or agency requirements.

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