Brazilian Public Management and Citizenship Program

Protecting the environment demands cultural changes and a rearrangement in economic development strategies. Therefore the participation of the community and environmental education are the beginning to stop degradation of natural resources. A considerable part of these goals can be easily achieved on the local extent, where the community can have a closer look over environmental damages and the recovering of the soil, rivers, forests, animal and vegetable lives, etc. In Nazareno, a municipality located in the countryside of Minas Gerais (Southeastern Brazil), environmental degradation was noticed especially through a pronounced erosion process in the soil. As a consequence, this erosion caused the contamination of the ground water and losses in agriculture, among other damages. This problem threatened also electrical energy supply, provided by hydro electrical stations set on two local water reservoirs. Changes in this scene started with the awareness and involvement of the community: schools, farmers, universities, communitarian leaders and local public power.

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