2017 Bright Idea
City of Boston, MA
January 1, 2017

CityScore is a unique tool created by the city of Boston to provide a way to instantly understand Boston's overall health by scoring departments on individual metrics and a single, numeric indicator. CityScore displays near real-time data on operations and quality of life metrics, making the city more responsive and effective. Since CityScore's public launch in January 2016, the city has held monthly performance meetings with the mayor to address any resource or process issues highlighted by the scores, and has delivered improvements including an 18 percent increase in streetlight outage repairs completed on-time between January and March. The mayor’s office has also used CityScore to vet department allocations for the FY17 budget, including adding 10 ambulances to the city’s EMS fleet to improve emergency response. Cabinet chiefs, department heads, city employees, and the general public alike are highly engaged in the process of improving CityScore, with suggestions for additional metrics being vetted and new ones added on a frequent basis.