Chrystina is the proud leader of Global Tech Prep, a public middle school in East Harlem. She opened the school in 2009 with a group of teachers dedicated to providing a technologically engaging, positive, and relevant education for the children of Harlem. Chrystina graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Michigan, where the University’s affirmative action cases sparked her interest in educational inequality.

Accordingly, she decided to forgo law school and became a teacher through the NYC Teaching Fellows program. Chrystina taught bilingual special education in the Bronx for four years while earning a Master’s in special and bilingual education. After, she attended the NYC Leadership Academy and developed the proposal for Global Tech Prep. Subsequently, Chrystina was an administrator of special education for a year, responsible for compliance, instructional improvement, engaging parents, and representing the Department of Education in legal hearings for 25 schools. Chrystina’s school was approved to open in 2009 under the iZone initiative.