2004 Winner
Racangua Region: Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins, Chile
The Citizenship and Local Management Program in Chile
The Citizenship and Local Management Program in Chile
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The Children's Municipal Council seeks to enhance children's civic participation. It is supported by the city of Racangua, through the Secretariat for Children and Youth Affairs.

The council promotes the rights of boys and girls before the municipal authorities and the community, so that they are taken into consideration when the government makes decisions that might affect them. Children are, therefore, consulted and allowed to participate in all stages of the decision-making process and elaboration of policies.

The Council consists of seven child-counselors, elected by children's clubs, with a one-year mandate. There are four to eight clubs in each of the seven regions of the city, with twenty boys and girls on average, from seven to fourteen years of age. Clubs can also be formed within a school or Attention Center. The proposals made by the children are presented to the authorities during the City Board of Representatives' sessions that take place every three months, with the participation of city representatives, the mayor and the municipal secretaries.