2018 Top 25
City of Chelsea, MA
May 9, 2019
City of Chelsea, MA

Siloed responses to problems are often inadequate to address the interwoven issues associated with crime, poverty, and poor housing conditions. Many individuals require the services of more than one agency. Facing one of the highest violent crime rates in Massachusetts, in 20142015, the city of Chelsea altered its approach to crime reduction. The Hub program addresses crime through a multiagency approach, engaging a variety of government and community workers to provide assistance to high-risk individuals and families.

Led by the Chelsea Police Department, the Hub includes 20 organizations that meet weekly to address high-risk clients’ problems, develop coordinated responses, and connect people to services. With the goal of preventing rather than responding to emergencies, the team identifies high probability cases with strong intensity of harm, spending approximately four minutes on each case and reducing the burden on the criminal justice system, the health system, and families within the city.