2003-2004 Winner
Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
Innovations and Excellence in Local Chinese Governance
Innovations and Excellence in Local Chinese Governance
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On March 22, 2002, Shijiazhuang City established the Center for Juvenile Protection and Education, an organization that seeks to protect and educate homeless and vagrant children. Funded by Shijiazhuang municipal Government, the program was sponsored by the City's Judicial Bureau, and co-sponsored by the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Education on Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, and the Shijiazhuang City Youth League.
Compared with more than the 120 other similar organizations that exist nationwide, the Shijiazhuang Center for Juvenile Protection and Education is unique in many ways.
First of all, the Center separates children aid from adult aid by establishing a special institution for helping homeless children. Second, aid is provided until a legal guardian is found, in order to prevent children from becoming vagrants again. Third, the Center combines aid with education. The Center offers educational courses in areas such as virtue and ethics, law, and psychological counseling, as well a regular school curriculum from first grade through junior high school, in order to provide children with psychological and ethical reform, and to guarantee their right to education. Finally, the Center has adopted "strong government leadership, wide social participation, and corporate management" as its operational model.
The main financial resources for daily operations are allocated from the municipal government budget. At the same time, the Center encourages wide volunteer participation in various forms including "weekend parents," volunteer teachers, and donations of cash and goods. The Center takes tangible responsibility for providing daily protection and education for the City's homeless and vagrant children.