2002 Winner
KwaZulu Natal Province, South Africa
Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust
Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust
South Africa
The Cato Manor Development Association (CMDA) has been the lead agency redeveloping the Cato Manor area of Durban - once the site of forced removals and most recently the site of land invasions and internecine violence amongst poor communities. This project dates back to 1993 but formal operations started in 1997 when funds were sourced from the European Union. Various partnerships were formed with government and community representatives and expert-volunteers to improve delivery. This project aimed to reverse a legacy of apartheid-era planning and subsequent unplanned settlement as well as poverty. Prior to the CMDA intervention unemployment in the area was 39% and about 80% of all households had no access to basic services like water, sanitation or electricity. Since the implementation of this project unemployment has decreased and basic services have been provided for the targeted group.

Innovation: The major innovation of the CMDA was against a background of community insecurity and violence, to bring together community representation, government resources and Non Governmental Organisational expertise in a singular organisation to deliver public services and economic opportunities that have since being adjudicated to be of exemplary quality in an international context and with a level of project efficiency that now serves as a benchmark for other projects in the region.

Effectiveness: Approximately 30 projects on new enterprise development have been completed. 7000 people have received skills training. Homes have been secured for tens of thousands of poor people. 14 kilometres of roads have been built and 24 projects on bulk services and draining infrastructure have been completed. 12 schools, 8 sports fields/parks have been established as well as 3 community halls, 3 libraries and 2 health centres.

Poverty Impact: Since the introduction of the CMDA and the implementation of its various projects at least 7000 people have benefited directly from these initiatives as indicated above.

Sustainability: This model provides services within budget and best practice 'manuals' and course modules have been drawn up.

Replication: The CMDA is used as a role-model by two of its main donors, the European Union and the Durban Metropolitan Council. With its manuals and course modules replication is assured.