2017 Bright Idea
City of Bristol, CT
January 1, 2017

The Bristol Early Childhood Alliance (BECA) is a network of preschool providers and community agencies that work together to help children get a healthy start in life. Established by the Bristol School Readiness Council in response to a demonstrated need to coordinate programming available for at-risk families in the Bristol community, BECA is committed to ensuring that every single child in Bristol is healthy and ready to learn by age five, and achieves developmental and school success by age nine. Grant funds were available that were initially focused on the collection of data to identify specific goals and possible solutions, which were then implemented through the creation of a tightly coordinated network of service providers. Programs focus on breaking down barriers impeding the ability of some children to obtain needed services and achieve success, and have included efforts such as screenings for post-partum depression and campaigns to reduce childhood obesity.

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