Portrait of Claudia Ng

Financial technology, or fintech, has experienced phenomenal growth in the past few years. In the first half of 2017, global investment in fintech companies reached 293 transactions totaling $8.4 billion. The rise of fintech has given way to new opportunities and alternatives in areas that only a decade ago were monopolized by traditional banks and lenders. However, fintech also presents... Read More

Pete Mathias

Good government requires good records. A school, police force, utility, tax collection, army, or agency — none operates without ledgers, spreadsheets of rows and columns. Securing “life and liberty” could be brand language for keeping and enforcing records. Efficient markets require good records, too. A single lightbulb engages hundreds of ledgers: the original glass and raw material... Read More

Dwijo Goswami

In my previous post, I covered the governance implications of Bitcoin. This post delves into the underlying technology behind Bitcoin — blockchain. Almost everybody agrees blockchain is the real game-changing innovation that enabled Bitcoin’s success. However, these are still early days for the technology. Apart from Bitcoin, most blockchain projects have yet to survive the proof-of-... Read More


Each day, throughout the world, public officials and practitioners face the daunting task of creating solutions to society's most pressing problems, as they strive to improve the lives of their citizens. These dedicated public servants are under pressure to do more with increasingly limited resources, and to be more effective and efficient. Repeatedly, history has shown that continuing to... Read More