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Cities struggling with gentrification and staggering rental prices can learn from Charlotte, North Carolina’s data-driven innovation.

Alexander Starritt

Over the past 20 years, increasing momentum has been gathering behind the idea that governments need to apply scientific standards of proof to making decisions about policy. The drive towards evidence-based policymaking is a drive towards a rationalist dream: that hard evidence can remove partisan wrangling from the equation and, instead, turn policymaking into a scientific process,... Read More

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Artificial intelligence promises a bright future but getting there isn’t without challenges. A 2016 White House report stated that AI-driven automation technology could potentially increase economic inequality by amplifying the wage gap between less-educated and more-educated... Read More

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The list of potential uses for interagency data-sharing to improve child welfare outcomes is never-ending. Hospital data on low-weight newborns could be shared with Human Services to target in-home nurse visits. Physicians deciding whether to order bone scans for children with suspicious injuries could access child protection records to better inform those decisions. While there is an... Read More

portrait of Sibella Matthews
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Structural changes to the United States’ labor market over the past three decades has led to a persistent middle-skills job gap. Employers are struggling to fill jobs that require more education and training than a high school diploma, but less than a four-year tertiary degree. One major barrier to building a talent pipeline to fill those gaps is the need to be able to accurately predict... Read More

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The Republic of Panama is rightly known for our newly expanded canal, being an important hub for global commerce, producing world-class athletes, and being a great place to visit. What is generally not known as widely is that we are also making tremendous progress in innovating citizen services in a variety of ways including our Citizen Services Center or 311, as non-emergency assistance... Read More

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In 2011, the Louisville Metro Government launched its Open Data Portal. There were two main reasons for the launch. One was the election of Mayor Greg Fischer, who was determined to better use data to drive performance improvement and transparency in government. The second was pressure from the local civic tech community, which had lobbied the metro government for years to make its data... Read More

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In this interview with Robert Kirkpatrick, director of UN Global Pulse, he discusses the role of big data in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and outlines three areas of impact. Global Pulse is an initiative of the United Nations that works to harness data science for sustainable development and humanitarian action.

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Although Uruguay usually warrants little attention, it has demonstrated time and again the ability to surprise and innovate. In keeping with its hard-earned identity, Uruguay has led its regional counterparts in the adoption and promotion of open government. Its adoption of open government has allowed Uruguay to lead the region in creating social value and informed government decision-... Read More

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Sensors are increasingly-valuable tools for better understanding, managing, and planning urban environments. In Chicago, for example, the city’s recently launched Array of Things urban sensor initiative has enabled simultaneous collection of data on a wide range of environmental factors such as air quality, weather conditions, noise, and traffic. Yet the Array of Things isn’t the only... Read More

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In a crowded room at Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center last October, Bob Gradeck looked out from his podium and asked: “does anyone [here] really know what open data is?” The University of Pittsburgh-based project manager saw only a few hands raised. Most, hesitantly. “There’ll be a quiz later,” he deadpanned, before launching into the first public explanation of the... Read More

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As an Ash Center Summer Fellow in the Office of the Mayor in the City and County of Denver, on my morning walks to work I could observe construction cranes hanging overhead while homeless men and women slept on the streets below. During my fellowship, one of my primary responsibilities was to design a strategy framework detailing actions the Mayor’s Office and other relevant agencies... Read More