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The California Citizens Redistricting Commission is the winner of the 2017 Roy and Lila Ash Innovation Award for Public Engagement in Government from the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School. Like most states, the once-a-decade process of drawing new legislative boundaries in California was hardly an exercise in participatory democracy. The... Read More

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While gridlock has taken hold in a paralyzed Washington, DC, mayors across the country are taking a pragmatic approach to solving local problems and its time for tech to reach out to them. “For years now, Washington, DC, has been paralyzed by partisan gridlock. . . Rather than complaining, cities have started innovating, and we’ve seen this incredible appetite for ideas among mayors,”... Read More


Each day, throughout the world, public officials and practitioners face the daunting task of creating solutions to society's most pressing problems, as they strive to improve the lives of their citizens. These dedicated public servants are under pressure to do more with increasingly limited resources, and to be more effective and efficient. Repeatedly, history has shown that continuing to... Read More