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Structural changes to the United States’ labor market over the past three decades has led to a persistent middle-skills job gap. Employers are struggling to fill jobs that require more education and training than a high school diploma, but less than a four-year tertiary degree. One major barrier to building a talent pipeline to fill those gaps is the need to be able to accurately predict... Read More

Dyah Ramadhani

Young people who drop out of high school face a disproportionate risk of negative social outcomes ranging from unemployment to engaging in criminal activities. Even among those who do get a job, average weekly earnings are significantly lower — around $488 for adults who lack a high school diploma or equivalency (HSE) versus $668 for those with a high school diploma and $1,101 with a... Read More


Each day, throughout the world, public officials and practitioners face the daunting task of creating solutions to society's most pressing problems, as they strive to improve the lives of their citizens. These dedicated public servants are under pressure to do more with increasingly limited resources, and to be more effective and efficient. Repeatedly, history has shown that continuing to... Read More