portrait of Wyatt Cmar

In September, Ben Hecht, president and CEO of Living Cities, an innovative philanthropic collaborative of the world’s largest foundations and financial institutions, spoke to an audience of a mayoral chiefs of staff from some of the largest US cities concerning the ideas in his latest book, Reclaiming the American Dream: Proven Solutions for Creating Economic Opportunity for All. His talk... Read More

portrait of Arjun Bisen

Changeable and fast-moving issues, which are increasingly common in the digital age, demand more flexibility and responsiveness from government as it crafts and implements policy. By borrowing and adapting the “Agile” project management methodology from the dynamic software and start-up worlds, policymakers can thrive in an uncertain environment, increase civic engagement, and improve... Read More

Photo of Marta Milkowska

What do government programs reducing chronic malnutrition in Madagascar, boosting innovation in Asia, and increasing enrollment for food stamps in the United States have in common? While working at the World Bank Innovation Lab, I saw policymakers around the world searching for innovative solutions to complex problems affecting their constituencies, and how “design thinking” — a... Read More

Alexander Starritt

Over the past 20 years, increasing momentum has been gathering behind the idea that governments need to apply scientific standards of proof to making decisions about policy. The drive towards evidence-based policymaking is a drive towards a rationalist dream: that hard evidence can remove partisan wrangling from the equation and, instead, turn policymaking into a scientific process,... Read More

portrait of Tony Navarro

Artificial intelligence promises a bright future but getting there isn’t without challenges. A 2016 White House report stated that AI-driven automation technology could potentially increase economic inequality by amplifying the wage gap between less-educated and more-educated... Read More