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Blockchain has evolved from a niche subject to the hottest tech disruption buzzword, but there is still a lot of confusion about the subject. Without a clear understanding about what blockchain technology is (and isn’t) and how it may be leveraged by governments, its potential public sector impact can be misunderstood or, more often, ignored. Armed with question, public servants have been coming to the OECD's Observatory for Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) for answers and guidance about this emerging technology. To help these government officials, and to further our work surfacing government innovation trends, OPSI developed this guide to:

  • Explain simply what blockchain is and isn’t.
  • Make the case for public servants to build knowledge and capacity around blockchain.
  • Make sense of blockchain’s potential in government.
  • Explore existing public sector use of blockchain.

The first half of the guide covers the basic technical aspects needed to understand blockchain. The second half identifies the ways in which blockchain is being explored and implemented in governments today.

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