2018 Top 25
City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 9, 2019
City of Philadelphia, PA

Since 2010, more than 150 modern bike-share systems have been launched in the United States. Although a small component of the transportation network, bike-sharing can provide a flexible, healthy, reliable, and affordable option for those seeking jobs and opportunity. To expand access to bike-share programs across the country, the city of Philadelphia created the Better Bike Share Partnership (BBSP).

BBSP fosters cross-city collaboration on equitable, replicable bike-share systems. The program serves to develop, test, and disseminate strategies that reduce barriers and create incentives for the use of bike-share programs in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. In its four years, BBSP has developed an integrated cash option and discounted pass program, culturally relevant marketing, and education and outreach programs focusing on communities commonly left behind by traditional transportation services.