Centre for Administrative Innovation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region
This document provides information about administrative reform in Hungary and is part of a series published by the Centre for Administrative Innovation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region. Towards E-Health: The latest strategic document on Health Reforms in Hungary is the "Johan Bela National Programme for the Decade of Health", approved in 2002. It aims to achieve a three-fold increase inlife expectancy for both men and women by the end of the decade. It's been considered an innovative programme because of the introduction of principles of more cooperation among society and government (different roles but an active roles) in health care [WHO 2004a] but it doesn't mention the concept of Information Health. Notwithstanding this, the e-health innovation is going on in the country within the Information Society process. So, in order to single out the origins of e-health in Hungary it is necessary to observe e-government programmes rather than Health Care Reform. e-health is an important chapter in the e-Hungary plan known as the Hungarian Information Society Strategy for the period 2004-2006. The antecedent of e-health programme is indeed the e-Europe, i.e. the Information Society for all (consists also of faster Internet access for citizens, education, commerce, government).
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