Centre for Administrative Innovation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region
This document provides information about administrative reform in Germany and is part of a series published by the Centre for Administrative Innovation in the Euro-Mediterranean Region. The programme "Modern State - Modern Administration" (www.staat-modern.de) was adopted on 1 December 1999 by the Federal Government who set the goal for efficient administration - an administration which performs better and costs less. Society's demand for new, and certainly better public services with at the same time a lower fiscal burden is omnipresent. For this reason, economic methods are finding increasing use in the Federal administration. This is firstly a matter of modern management, which creates innovation by delegating responsibility, and creates scope for performance through results-orientated monitoring.
The modern administration will:
  • Perform better and cost less,
  • Carry out its tasks under competitive conditions,
  • Be transparent and open.
The modernisation programme of the Federal Government is therefore based on a new division of responsibility, with greater orientation towards the citizen and an efficient administration. The modern administration will be characterised by economic control tools, competition, the performance principle, cooperation with the private sector and utilisation of new technologies. Among this modernization programme, one of the project is BundOnline 2005, the e-Government initiative, launched by Federal Chancellor Gerhard...
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