This free, online event was held on November 16, 2009, and was convened by the Ash Center's Government Innovators Network. Please visit the event page to access the slide presentations and resources associated with this webinar.

Event description: Forced labor is one of the most difficult forms of human trafficking to identify and frequently the most elusive. Vulnerable populations are at risk for trafficking due to poverty, political unrest, forced migration, and corruption. Labor trafficking may include those forced into bonded labor, domestic servitude, sweatshops, agriculture, and other industries. Children are often recruited as beggars, camel jockeys, and domestic slaves.

This webinar, sponsored by the Carr Center's Initiative to Stop Human Trafficking and the Government Innovators Network, focused on the best practices to combat one of the most invisible forms of human trafficking.

This webinar was moderated by E. Benjamin Skinner with panelists Karen McLaughlin, Anna Rodriguez, and Roger Plant.