This free, online event was held on November 15, 2011, and was convened by the Ash Center's Government Innovators Network. Please visit the event page to access the slide presentations and resources associated with this webinar.

Event description: As part of their online conference series, the Harvard Program on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy and the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation are joined by the U.N. Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT). Bringing together a panel of experts from academia, policy, and non-governmental organizations, the conference was an opportunity to share their perspectives on best practices to combat the trafficking of children. Ms. Thatun represented UNICEF's perspective on service provision to children; Mr. Davis shared insights into the role of private companies in combating trafficking; and, Mr. van de Glind highlighted viewpoints from major labor organizations.

This webinar was moderated by Dr. Timothy McCarthy with panelists Susu Thatun, Christopher Davis, and Hans van de Glind.