2006 Local Citizen Management Award, Coquimbo Region La Serena, Chile
Antena Territorial Network
The Citizenship and Local Management Program in Chile
The Citizenship and Local Management Program in Chile
The purpose of this network, begun in 2004, is to coordinate efforts to rehabilitate youth that have been involved in the drug trade. Innovators established the network in response to government demands to mobilize and organize diverse, existing programs—in particular, those programs that are committed to preventing drug addiction—in order to improve services to vulnerable youth. These organizations have come together to provide sports leagues and rehabilitation services for young people, seeking both to prevent drug addiction and to prevent recidivism for youth who have already been affected by drug abuse.
Although the focus of the network is on drug prevention and rehabilitation, the structure of the initiative—a system of joint operations developed between residents and local governments—has also generated high levels of citizen participation in multiple community sectors. The network has been recognized with an award for Local Citizen Management as an example of networked service provision and citizen participation that has enabled programs to improve their capacity to serve vulnerable youth in the Coquimbo region.