2017 Semifinalist
General Services Administration
January 1, 2017

Built in 2014 in the spirit of America's top tech startups, 18F is a digital consultancy for the US government inside the US government, working with federal agencies to rapidly deploy tools and online services that are reusable, cut costs, and are easier for people and businesses to use. 18F is a growing team of technology experts that build custom solutions to pressing problems and also help agencies buy better products from private vendors. In 2015, 18F doubled the size of its team from 80 to over 160 as its product and consulting work increased. Unlike other technology teams in the federal government, 18F is a fee-for-service organization, helping customer agencies deliver on their mission-critical projects. In fiscal year 2015, the 18F team delivered over a dozen products for their customer agencies and released a number of tools and platforms that help make their team more efficient and effective.

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