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Instructions - U.S. Math Performance in Global Perspective

November 10, 2010; 12:30 pm (EST)

We urge first time users of Microsoft LiveMeeting 2007 to review system requirements and run a test meeting in advance of the event to determine your system compatibility and whether you should use the Windows-based console (free audio broadcast) or the web-based console (must dial in). See details at bottom of page.


Windows-based console (free audio broadcast)

To listen to the audio broadcast you must have the Windows-based console installed.  You'll also need a sound card and speakers, Windows 2000 (SP4) or higher, and Windows Media Player 9.0 (10.0 or higher recommended). See full system requirements.

First-time users of this console must download and install a small java extension to your browser. When you login to the event as per the Join the meeting! instructions below, you should be given the option to install this extension (if you haven't already).  Proceed as follows:

  • If given the option, click "Install and Join"
  • When prompted to download LMSETUP.EXE click "Yes," or "Download"
  • After download is complete, if prompted, click "Run" to install; if not prompted, go to where the file was installed on your computer and double-click the LMSETUP.EXE icon
  • After installation is complete, if you are not automatically directed to the meeting (you see a window requesting your name, e-mail and organization), proceed to Step 1 of Join the meeting! below

*If you have trouble installing, check with your technical administrator that you have permission to install the java applet.


web-based console (must dial in for sound)

If you cannot install the Windows-based console and listen to the free audio broadcast, you must use the web-based console (no installation necessary) and dial into the conference number to access audio (limited lines available).  Regular, domestic long-distance charges apply:

Phone: (218) 339-4300 (if outside U.S. dial 0-0-1 first)
Code:   227582#

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  The web console is not compatible with the recently released “next generation” Java Plug-in. If you encounter problems such as seeing only a white screen, are unable to see the presentation, or are unable to click on buttons once logged in to Live Meeting, try resolving the problem with the following steps:

  1. Open “Java,” click the “Advanced” tab, then click to expand “Java Plug-in”
  2. UNCHECK box next to “Enable the next generation Java Plug-In”
  3. Close and re-open web browser


Join the meeting!

1. Click the "LiveMeeting - Join Meeting" link below

2. If given the option (otherwise skip to #3) click "Install and Join" to install the Window-based client, or click "Use web-based console" (see above for console descriptions).

3. At the next screen enter your name, e-mail address and company name, then click "Continue."

*** LiveMeeting - Join the Meeting ***

4. Logged in but having trouble?  During the event we will provide limited helpdesk service through a text-based chat tool (you must be logged in to the meeting for us to chat you).


First-time users

If you're a first-time LiveMeeting user, we urge you to:

  1. Review the system requirements for LiveMeeting 
  2. Determine your system compatibility by joining this test meeting.  If you join successfully, you will see the LiveMeeting console and transitioning ppt slides (please note there is no audio in the test meeting).

If you have trouble logging in to the test meeting or the actual event, call the LiveMeeting toll-free support line and they will help you troubleshoot:

1.866.493.2825 (when prompted by the menu, say "Joining a meeting")

00.800.9522.3000 (toll-free in the EMEA)
650.526.6950 (Direct International Number)


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